Project Report: Week 8

This week, I finished up a design for St. Joseph’s letterhead, as well as filming Sister Theresa from the Daughters of Charity for the St. Joseph’s video. This was the only time I actually ran the camera for this project, as previously I’d just been kind of a PA and conducting the interviews. Honestly, it was nice to get on that side of the lens for a change.

The video is going both well and not so well. We’re getting a lot of great footage, and the shots are getting done, but I’m concerned about the time it will take to edit into something that we’ll be proud of. I’m confident that we’ll get it done – this group just does it. I’m just expecting it to be a lot of work right down to the wire.

My goals for this week are to finalize my part – and the whole – of the graphics standards manual and get that approved by St. Joseph’s. I’ve got the trial version of CS5 now, so hopefully I will poke around with that a little more. Brooke, Hannah and Joe have been very helpful in lending a hand and showing me a few tricks, but I’m thinking the next step may be to try out


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