Project Report: Week 7

This week, I have been assisting in the production of the video for St. Joseph Services. Though I had not planned on doing much video work, I’m putting in more here than with the logo/graphic standards team because of my schedule (available in the afternoon for filming) and because of the other group member’s superior design skills. Of course, with the recent developments that may be derailing the logo redesign, I’ll likely continue (like today) to work with the video team. Last week, our three person team worked quite well – Amanda as camera operator and set design, working with Brian C. on lighting; Brian C. on audio; and me on PA duty and interviewer. We’ll have a similar setup today.

I did gain some pretty useful resources and guidance from Brooke and others on the design team this past week. Not quite enough to really surpass their years of expertise, but some cool tips and tricks. Still tricky is getting everyone available at convenient times for the client. Busy schedules and interruptions make for tricky collaborative work. Once filming gets done today, I’m hoping to focus on starting a mock-up of a graphic standards manual (using a blank filler for a logo, of course). The group has been good with feedback on art, and I see the same thing happening this week.


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