Project Report, Week Six

This week was a busy week for the St. Joseph Services group. We’ve set deadlines for the completion of all tasks. The group has already met a few of these, most notably: beginning filming interviews and starting the logo remake vetting process.

I feel more comfortable in my group this week, which was my goal from last week. I think trying to stay out of the way of the video team while trying to learn things from the logo/graphics manual team was a poor idea, so essentially volunteering wherever help or expertise is needed has become the modus operandi of the group. As such, I’ve probably done more with the video team than I have with the logo team. Also, the switch to Basecamp instead of the Blackboard message boards has made a world of difference.

Honestly, there is very little that isn’t going well. It’s a lot of work, and coordinating schedules between group members and the client has been stressful at times, but things are getting done.

For next week, I hope to have the logo finalized and begin mockups of the graphics standards manual. I’d like to shift my attention there, as I still have plenty to learn in graphic and document design.

The group has done a great job getting resources in front of everyone, such as some ideas for graphic manuals and standards from professional sources. As we’re planning on discussing the logos tonight in class – that was about the only area where I feel we could use the class’s help.


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