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Project Report: Week 8

May 20, 2010

This week, I finished up a design for St. Joseph’s letterhead, as well as filming Sister Theresa from the Daughters of Charity for the St. Joseph’s video. This was the only time I actually ran the camera for this project, as previously I’d just been kind of a PA and conducting the interviews. Honestly, it was nice to get on that side of the lens for a change.

The video is going both well and not so well. We’re getting a lot of great footage, and the shots are getting done, but I’m concerned about the time it will take to edit into something that we’ll be proud of. I’m confident that we’ll get it done – this group just does it. I’m just expecting it to be a lot of work right down to the wire.

My goals for this week are to finalize my part – and the whole – of the graphics standards manual and get that approved by St. Joseph’s. I’ve got the trial version of CS5 now, so hopefully I will poke around with that a little more. Brooke, Hannah and Joe have been very helpful in lending a hand and showing me a few tricks, but I’m thinking the next step may be to try out


Project Report: Week 7

May 13, 2010

This week, I have been assisting in the production of the video for St. Joseph Services. Though I had not planned on doing much video work, I’m putting in more here than with the logo/graphic standards team because of my schedule (available in the afternoon for filming) and because of the other group member’s superior design skills. Of course, with the recent developments that may be derailing the logo redesign, I’ll likely continue (like today) to work with the video team. Last week, our three person team worked quite well – Amanda as camera operator and set design, working with Brian C. on lighting; Brian C. on audio; and me on PA duty and interviewer. We’ll have a similar setup today.

I did gain some pretty useful resources and guidance from Brooke and others on the design team this past week. Not quite enough to really surpass their years of expertise, but some cool tips and tricks. Still tricky is getting everyone available at convenient times for the client. Busy schedules and interruptions make for tricky collaborative work. Once filming gets done today, I’m hoping to focus on starting a mock-up of a graphic standards manual (using a blank filler for a logo, of course). The group has been good with feedback on art, and I see the same thing happening this week.

Project Report, Week Six

May 6, 2010

This week was a busy week for the St. Joseph Services group. We’ve set deadlines for the completion of all tasks. The group has already met a few of these, most notably: beginning filming interviews and starting the logo remake vetting process.

I feel more comfortable in my group this week, which was my goal from last week. I think trying to stay out of the way of the video team while trying to learn things from the logo/graphics manual team was a poor idea, so essentially volunteering wherever help or expertise is needed has become the modus operandi of the group. As such, I’ve probably done more with the video team than I have with the logo team. Also, the switch to Basecamp instead of the Blackboard message boards has made a world of difference.

Honestly, there is very little that isn’t going well. It’s a lot of work, and coordinating schedules between group members and the client has been stressful at times, but things are getting done.

For next week, I hope to have the logo finalized and begin mockups of the graphics standards manual. I’d like to shift my attention there, as I still have plenty to learn in graphic and document design.

The group has done a great job getting resources in front of everyone, such as some ideas for graphic manuals and standards from professional sources. As we’re planning on discussing the logos tonight in class – that was about the only area where I feel we could use the class’s help.