Project Report, Week Five

As for what’s going well, believe it or not, I’m actually enjoying the reading. Kress was a bit tricky, and I’m not sure how much I’m really retaining, but that will be a decent book to keep on the shelf and revisit later. Design Writing Research is nice and practical – I’m looking forward to connecting it to the projects.

Not so well is just my place in the project in general. Thusfar, I’ve tried to stay out of areas where I have a bit of knowledge and experience (that’s why I chose St. Joseph’s instead of the City Farm project, and why I’m not working very heavily with St. Joe’s video team) and instead focus on areas where I have little or no experience but want to learn more. In short, I’m good with audio/video, business, and ‘people’ related stuff, but I really lack artistic background. Now I feel like I’ve jumped in too deep and taken on an area where I can’t add anything constructive just yet.

My goal for next week is to really solidify where I fit in with the whole group.Right now, as I mentioned, I feel a little bit lost and overwhelmed with my place in the group. I botched the beginning of logo design, and I’m starting to think maybe it would be best just to stick to areas where I have expertise. But that’s not really going to give me any new knowledge. Getting that straight – while keeping my head above water with my group – is my goal.

From the class/team/instructor, I’m just hoping to get some guidance into the project areas I’m interested in. (visual art/design) I haven’t pulled the trigger on the tutorials yet for a couple reasons. Mainly, money. The tutorials wouldn’t quite break the bank, but I don’t have the proper Adobe software on my own computer, and even with the student discount it’s pricey. Secondly, I tend to prefer learning in a classroom-style setting. That’s why I chose a Masters program that applies art and design to communication theory as opposed to strictly just learning some software.


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