Response – Video Editing Project

I realized I never posted the reflection on my video editing experience. Here it is:

I’m a Mac guy. Not a snob like many of my friends, but I’ve been a Mac user for about 5 years now, and only used a PC at work for email and MS Office kinda stuff. So…my first impression is that iMovie blows away Windows Movie Maker in terms of functionality and usability. Thus, most of the beginning of the process was aimed at figuring out how to use the interface to make it do what I wanted it to, and in turn, exploring its features and limitations.

I’ve done some video editing before, and as a video geek and musician, I noticed that I was naturally looking and listening for transitions in the audio track to synch up my video cuts. This is not something that’s completely out of the ordinary, but if you’re someone who had not done video editing before, this is not a sure thing that you’d know to look for in creating a compelling video.

My biggest complaint was not being able to use two audio tracks. I wanted music throughout, but WMM only allows one audio track. Thus – no commentary from Shaun, and my short video was rendered even more artsy because it contained music but no spoken words. Edgy, man. The other pet peeve I had: why are the title screens blue? And only blue? What gives?

As soon as I get near a PC again, I’ll upload the video.


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