Professional Investigation: Disciplines, courses, and technology

This is a tricky one, and I honestly don’t have an accurate response just yet.

My initial inkling back in August was skewing more towards the CDM side…user interface design specifically. However, the vast majority of basic prerequisites to CDM’s grad level courses are beyond my reach. If I’m thinking about that, then I need a different undergrad major.

In my first professional investigation of careers, my biggest hurdle was lack of technical training in regards to two areas: software and SEO/SEM experience. From our discussion last week regarding SEO/SEM, I’ll be able to attain that on my own, trying to up my page rank etc. with my blog and personal website. The NMS Web Design classes will be the foundation, and classes such as Technical Writing and similar courses geared towards proper language, design, and function of electronic media will set me on the correct path. I still want to work in advertising, but having very limited copywriting experience has hindered my attempted career shift.

The NMS/WRD faculty professional qualifications seem more in line with what I’m looking to do. I will definitely take one or two classes from the College of Communication, for example, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, but the vast majority of my work that will make me stand out as more than just another ad guy with a masters degree will be in writing and design.


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