Response: Social Media Revolution

So social media is not a fad. That many millions of people can’t be wrong. And I agree.


As far as debating the merits of social media, I think the one area that is still (obviously) on everybody’s mind is The Value Of People. As this and hundreds of other YouTube videos and blog posts and articles and studies will demonstrate, the sheer numbers and growth involved with social media is a force to be reckoned with. It’s much like how venture capitalists have been constantly throwing money at Twitter, yet we still haven’t seen a recognizable business plan for generating revenue out of them. I think what we can really take away from this is that we may be nearing the end of the growth stages. Once something no longer becomes a fad and becomes part of our life, it needs to make economical sense to stay around. Will that happen? I’d say so. And I’m trying to figure out how.


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