An answer to my questions – Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault

In my previous post, I wondered aloud (er…typed) about online medical records, as it was mildly applicable to the new media/healthcare report I blogged about. Today, a college buddy of mine posted links to two centralized medical record platforms, created by, you guessed it:




In short, these are two platforms which allow you, as the patient, to store your own medical records in a secure place that you can access anywhere, any time. As someone who has lived in three states in the past five years and had five different insurance plans (that’s right), I find this to be extremely valuable. When enrolling at DePaul, I thought it was ridiculous that in the most technologically connected country in the world, I had to call around to three different doctors and have a handwritten form snail-mailed to me four days later….just to prove that I’d been vaccinated as a child.

I have yet to fully explore the functionality of these yet, but am leaning towards Google. It’s the familiar look, feel, and functionality of any Google platform. The Microsoft HealthVault looks like…well, a health insurance conglomerate website. And I’m a little bit sour on those.


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