Response: Campbell, Scott – “Giving Up My iPod For A Walkman”

Campbell, Scott:  “Giving Up My iPod For A Walkman”

I had to laugh when I read the line “It took me three days to figure out that there was another side to the tape.

The biggest thing I took away from this piece is how much that technology and the way we communicate gets lost and forgotten. I remember my grandparents telling me about “party line” telephone systems (not what it sounds like…) where two or three families would share a telephone line and there was (I can’t recall the story specifically) a different ring or an operator to connect the call to the proper household.

The other quote that stuck was from the comments section. “Walkman forces me to listen to the whole album and sometime I discover some hidden nice songs. Now, I just skip…” That of course begs the question in terms of on-demand non-liner media: what are we missing?


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